I was born on February 16th 1952, in Pollone, in the province of Vercelli. My father, who worked in that city as a general practitioner, was killed in a road accident 16 months later. Year1974

My mother moved to Turin and 10 years afterwards she married an opera singer, thus reconstructing a family which had until then been incomplete.

Towards the end of my technical studies, I collaborated with the musical ensemble "Up with people" as a sound engineer and a member of the chorus. In the summer of 1971 I made a short trip to Northern Europe, which encouraged me to carry on working with the ensemble; however, I chanfed my plans after a dramatic event which took place in the following year. I send my love to Enzo and Annina, who died so young.

Thanks to the experience I had acquired while working with the ensemble, I could find a job in a theatrical production company where I was in charge of the amplification and lightning. I thus took part in the preparation and performance of both plays and operas. I found that job interesting but tiring, mainly because I had to move frequently and for long periods. I also had to give up speed ice-skating, as I was unable to continue training.

In 1974 I met a girl who was training as an opera singer and in 1976 we got married. As we needed to settle down, I decided to start a new profession. Towards the end of the '70s, I designed and built a series of aluminium spotlights for the stage, which, being light but resistant, proved quite successful.

Unfortunately the price of aluminium increased suddenly, owing to the nationalization of the bauxite mines in Brazil. This forced me to stop producing the device which was then out of market. I thus began to design and build several electronic industrial devices and automation equipments using the first microprocessors available.Now

At the beginning of the '80s, I stopped having contacts with the theatrical company and took up the profession of planner in the wide field of electronics and in particular digital devices.

At present I plan and make electronic devices at the customers' request. They can be used in several fields: automotive, scientific, high vacuum, avionic and non operative military.