I were born January 18th 1988 in Turin and, after three years of playful peace, someone has put in my small hands a strange object, of wood, with of the tense threads and a wand to be passed up and down. They called it violin and the recurrent sentence was "... do plain that is delicate! It can be broken... ". In fact me so delicate I was not and I am not really. The piano with the keys in ivory still preserves the traces of the three hits of wand for battery that I have inflicting to the keyboard before the precipitous, but late intervention, of my father.

This is my first lesson with Eilish (1991).


The school where I study the violin it also has an orchestra formed by all of us by the smallest to the greatest. After a few years of preparation it is begun to play together everybody, trying to be "together", for desperation of Maestro Mosca. The orchestra is a moment of fun, but also of internal growth... and with the appointment satisfactions arrive also.

My first test of orchestra (1995)


Speaking of satisfactions, the first time that I have played alone has been a great emotion and the occasion it was a regard to the meeting of the Region Piemont, in the council-hall of Lascaris Building in Turin, to Christmas 1999. If you want to listen to me, a Click it needs  on or on and then expected a few times.
With the orchestra I have completed some trips to the foreign countries and first among all for good beginning in Japan in 1999, on the occasion of the 13th Suzuki Method World Convention where we have played together to other 4000 children of the whole world in a concert near the stadium Budokan in Tokyo with a public of 60 thousand people: full house! The logical effect of a very diffused musical culture... almost as in Italy!!!!!!! The next Convention will be in Turin in 2006 after the Winter Olympiads and, maybe, we will perhaps fill the stadium in the same way...! Here, under, from some part I am also there me and, for the one who finds me, a teddy bear in gift (within 2015)!


The concert has been the conclusive moment, but the purpose of the Convention was also an occasion of comparison among the schools that apply the Suzuki method and of study with teachers of language and culture different from the proper, but sure one in the common knowledge of the musical language.



The orchestra Suzuki in Turin is ambassadress near the O.N.U. for the abrogation of the juvenile job in the worse forms and it participates in the international demonstrations to called by the O.N.U.-I.P.E.C. to bring testimony of the potentialities of children's development in an environment for them suitable. One of these demonstrations are held in Bangkok in Thailand near the local U.N. center to the presence of the members of the Royal Family, in 2000.

The orchestra has also had an important role in the promotion of the candidacy of Turin and its mountains for the 2006 Winter Olympiads, participating in the realization of a city video clip presentation, edited by the promoting committee.

And now a few of music! I have picked up some performances of mine in the mp3 format together to a short video clip. For reasons of band-width it is not possible to insert the source recording but, if you want, they are recorded in a VHS tape that I can send to you on your request to my e-mail... free, is obvious!

Begin a bit of joy with a tarantella!













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