In the following list I am giving a synthetic description of the most significant systems and devices I have realized since the beginning of my activity.
To protect the privacy of the buyers I cannot describe elements that would allow you to identify the product and I apologize for this.  
        System for  multiple testing of electronic cards, based on palm-computer PSION  used in the production of electric household appliances.
        Mechanical and electronic system for a ultrasonic wireless remote control for the orientation of spotlight projectors both of my own production and on the market.


        A multi-channel light-dimmer with a power up to 5KW per channel.
        Telephone palm-transceivers with DTMF code.
        Computerized sensing of parameters of racing engines in testing-rooms.
        Remelting oven used for welding surface mounting components.
        Several sensors for the identification of mechanical parts in motion.
        Automation with PLC of tilt machines for the production of vials and phials for the pharmacy industry.  
        Automation with PLC of industrial portal Robots.
        Production of industrial computers in Rack 19" and assemblage of Personal Computers.
        Magnetic markers for the automobile industry.  
        Elettro-mechanical system for soldering brass parts, managed by PLC.
        Heating and ventilation system for Militar Schelter managed by PLC.
        Various systems of order and control for power electric motor generators.
        Production of memory units for the railway automation.
        Proportional radio-controls used to remote control vehicles without driver.
        Aircraft instruments for the management of flight parameters (Altimeter, anemometer and variometer), both digital and analogic.
        Aircraft instruments for the management of engine parameters (revolution counter, time counter and EGT /CHT temperature).  
        Centraline of control for aircraft turbines.
        Centraline of management for 35mm cinema projectors.
        Varied apparatuses of test and computerized analysis for the testing of devices and telephone accessories.
        Switching High Voltage Generators up to 7KV with current measure from 10 nano Ampere.
        Geiger-Muller Counters with microprocessor.
        System of management of the alignment of the colour rollers for offset printing.
        Centraline of irrigation with microprocessor.
        Varied blinkers to Xenon lamp for signalling and alarm.
        Control system of automatic doors for railway carriages.
        Self-moving computerized trolleys for the distribution of food in zootechnical breedings.
I want to thank Soc. Acsel and in particular Mr. Domenico Ballari for the collaboration in the technical updating on the new products, which is essential in a planning activity.